To glove, or not to glove. That is the question.

Do you wear gloves when riding? After sifting through my now rather large collection of GripGrab gloves over the past year or so, has really opened my eyes up to why I like riding with gloves. However, is it me, or are more and more people riding with no gloves those days?

Perhaps the Mountain Bikers obsession in collecting “gear” for riding is dwindling. Still I’m very much of the option riding with gloves is better, and here’s four reason’s why. Missed any, let me know in the comments!

 Reason 1: Prevent hands from slipping

I don’t know about you, but my hands get pretty sweaty in the summer, especially if you’re doing a long ride. Without gloves, I tend to slip and slide on my bars, even brake levers. While a good grips can compensate most of this, I still feel more comfortable riding with thin summer gloves, absorbing the sweat and always providing plenty of grip on the bike. 

Reason 2: Easy to wipe away sweat
Sweat on my hands is just one part of the summer problem, but sweat from my face or forehead is another. Count that in with dust and dirt and you’ve got yourself a pretty uncomfortable mess half way round your all day loop. It’s at this point, the towel like strip on the thumb part saves the day. 

Reason 3: Protect those hands

From crashing to touching your chain, to digging and moving trail features about. Keep though fingers clean for the soon to be consumed cheesy chips and use the gloves instead. If you’re a weekend warrior like me, you’re soft, office hands will thank you. 

Reason 4: Optimize your comfort
Comfort be it for short of long rides is paramount to a good ride. You don’t want anything taking your mind off the ride, so finding that glove that gives you that sensitivity vs Rolls Royce comfort is king. – Yes I’m biased to GripGrab but riding with technology such as the ProGel and SuperGel gloves transform a ride. That small gel patch underneath the pam of your hands does a lot to reduce the chatter. 

OH and then there’s the look, but that’s far to emotive to rationally break down 😉


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