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Four GOPRO angles to try this season

The season is almost here. The Ski season I mean. I was in Tignes, French Alps, earlier this year and have been counting down until the snows returns; And it’s making a return this weekend!

Fortunately, but unfortunately in this case particularly, i’ve just bought a house, so a ski holiday is well and truly off the cards this season.

So to imagine i’m there again, I thought it i’d put together a quick listicle on four angles to try this season with your GoPro. Last season was the first time I had my GoPro while skiing, previously it’s always been shaky, pixelated, cam corder footage, so it was good to finally get those Instabangers going. 

Anyway, without further ado, here are my top four angles to try this season;

3rd Person

Using either your ski pole with a handlebar mount, or in the below case, my GoPole, position the camera so that you’re framing yourself, the skis and ideally where you’re heading in the background of the shot. 


 Not the obvious one here, but try strapping your GoPro to your ski boot or lower leg, in this case using a GoPro Chesty mount and capturing the pistes from the Ski’s perspective. This angle works particularly well when going through powder or with flick ups of snow. It gives the shot that sense of speed and energy.

Reverse helmet POV

Surely the whole point of skiing it to wear your pair of iridescent lensed Oakley goggles no? For those groups shots at the top of the lifts, on the chairlifts or at the restaurant enjoying the sun, get a group selfie by using the GoPro 3 way, or GoPole Arm in this case, to capture those groupies from a new perspective. 

The Chesty

Its your stablemate, can’t go wrong angle. Beware though, your typical chesty shot taken on the slopes will be pretty dull unless there’s something in the foreground to give the shot perspective. Whether that be your hands, or skies in deep powder as you crouch over, experiment with getting that true POV shot. My particular favourite is leaving the restaurant into the white out – it really captured the atmosphere.

With all four of these switch to time-lapse mode and away you go! 1 every 0.5 seconds ideally. These all do require various mounts so head to Amazon for a browse. 

Got anymore, any better? Hit me up at and i’ll add them to the article with credits – don’t forget your explanation. 

Peace out.