Who am I?

I would say a retired racing driver, but that’s far too flash. I used to race karts as a kid. Big dream being, “some day I’ll make it to Formula One”. After the parents decided spending a relative fortune every weekend wasn’t acceptable, that dream came to an end. The search for speed, that skill for knitting corners together still remains, and now that’s what I look to get out of life.

So ‘A Gravity Man’ is…?

Well, its a username that I thought up to try and cover off my main hobbies. Cars and racing yes, but downhill / XC mountain biking and skiing/snowboarding. Essentially, using the contours of the mountains, preferably downhill to get that rush, that search for speed, that knitting corner stuff I mentioned up top.

Anyway it started off with Instagram, capturing the sports I love, to illustrate the speed, the adrenaline – whether you think it gives that sense is up to you, but that’s the aim. Anyway Instagram came, and now I wanted to tell a deeper, richer story around my sports. Hence this site.

Peace out.