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It’s been a while Llandegla

Headed back to Llandegal with Jamie Hewitt for the first time in 2 years. Last time I was there I was taken away in an Ambulance and spent the next 3 months trying to get my brain to work properly again – severe concussion, and yes I was wearing a helmet but rocks work in mysterious ways. 

Anyway its been a while, and it was good to be back. Llandegla is a fair play kind of trail centre; it pays you back for the climbs handsomely. The first proper descent section follows a fairly dull but pretty climb up that lasts about 30 minutes. This time round following the recent rain, allowed amble time for Jamie and I to capture various puddle wheelies with the GoPro’s – take a look!

“Heavy rain threaten yesterday’s ride round #Llandegla, leaving puddle plagued trails. So Go big or Go home i said to @orihe – I think you can work out what his answer was. 💪🏻”

Following that you head down a number of sections, the best being the black graded off shoot, which heads into some very fast and very dark trails. Keep your eyes wide open and your senses sharp and you’ll have a cracking time heading down. If you don’t, say hello to trees.

Onwards to the second best bit, now 2/3rds round, you start it by riding a long north shore section which Jamie and I decided to pause and spend the next 30 minutes taking shots. It was well lit and pending where you put the GoPro’s made for some cool point of views. After the prolonged Instabanger session, we continue down, and then down a bit further, over drops, pumping jumps and railing berms. This part of the trail gives as good as it gets. 

“Last weekend hunting down @orihe at #Llandegla – this is one of the best descents on the trail as we head downwards for a good KM at least.”

So 2 years later, Llandegla, still worth a visit? Absolutely, and if you like your trails fast, techy yet flowing you’ve come to the right place. Did I also mention it’s awesome bike park too? No? Maybe next time…

Check out Jamie’s Instagram feed for more awesome shots! Image 1 & 3 are his in this piece. 

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